Geodesy and Geodynamics (2016-03-01)

An improved algorithm for numerical calculation of seismic response spectra

  • Chengwang Liao,
  • Wei Ding,
  • Fei Li

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 7, no. 2
pp. 148 – 155


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The information of seismic response spectra is key to many problems concerned with aseismic structure and is also helpful for earthquake disaster relief if it is generated in time when earthquake happens. While current numerical calculation methods suffer from poor precision, especially in frequency band near Nyquist frequency, we present a set of improved parameters for precision improvement. It is shown that precision of displacement and velocity response spectra are both further improved compared to current numerical algorithms. A uniform fitting formula is given for computing these parameters for damping ratio range of 0.01–0.9, quite convenient for practical application.