Indian Journal of Ophthalmology (2010-01-01)

Comparison of Eyemetrics and Orbscan automated method to determine horizontal corneal diameter

  • Venkataraman Arvind,
  • Mardi Sapna,
  • Pillai Sarita

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 58, no. 3
pp. 219 – 222


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Purpose: To compare horizontal corneal diameter measurements using the Orbscan Eyemetrics function and Orbscan corneal topographer. Materials and Methods: Seventy-three eyes of 37 patients were included in the study. In all cases, the automated white-to-white (WTW) measurements were obtained using Orbscan by two observers. Using the Eyemetrics function, the WTW was measured manually by the same observers from limbus to limbus using the digital caliper passing through the five point corneal reflections on the Orbscan real image. The data was analyzed using SPSS software for correlation, reliability and inter-rater repeatability. Results: The mean horizontal corneal diameter was 11.74±0.32mm (SD) with the Orbscan and 11.92±0.33mm (SD) with Eyemetrics Software-based measurement. A good positive correlation (Spearman r = 0.720, P = 0.026) was found between these two measurements. The coefficient of inter-rater repeatability was 0.89 for the Orbscan and 0.94 for the Eyemetrics software measurements on the anterior segment images. The Bland and Altman analysis showed large limits of agreement between Orbscan WTW and Eyemetrics WTW measurements. The intra-session repeatability scores for repeat measurements for the Orbscan WTW and Eyemetrics measurements were good. Conclusion: Eyemetrics can be used to measure WTW and the Eyemetrics measured WTW was longer than the WTW measured by Orbscan.