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Acta Crystallographica Section E. 2013;69(4):m221-m221 DOI 10.1107/S1600536813006909


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Journal Title: Acta Crystallographica Section E

ISSN: 1600-5368 (Print)

Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

LCC Subject Category: Science: Chemistry

Country of publisher: United Kingdom

Language of fulltext: English

Full-text formats available: PDF, HTML



Viviana Mollica Nardo

Francesco Nicoló

Alessandro Saccà

Giuseppe Bruno

Ileana Ielo


Blind peer review

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Time From Submission to Publication: 3 weeks


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In the centrosymmetric dinuclear title CuII complex, [Cu2(C7H4ClO2)(C2H5OH)2], the Cu—Cu distance is 2.5905 (4) Å. The two metal atoms are bridged by four 4-chlorobenzoate ligands and each has an ethanol molecule in the axial position of the overall octahedral coordination environment. The crystal packing features O—H...O hydrogen bonds.