Virtual Reality & Intelligent Hardware (Apr 2021)

Stains on imperfect textile

  • Yi Zheng,
  • Xiaoyu Chi,
  • Yanyun Chen,
  • Enhua Wu

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3, no. 2
pp. 142 – 155


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Background: The imperfect material effect is one of the most important themes to obtain photo-realistic results in rendering. Textile material rendering has always been a key area in the field of computer graphics. So far, a great deal of effort has been invested in its unique appearance and physicsbased simulation. The appearance of the dyeing effect commonly found in textiles has received little attention. This paper introduces techniques for simulation of staining effects on textiles. Pulling, wearing, squeezing, tearing, and breaking effects are more common imperfect effects of fabrics, these external forces will cause changes in the fabric structure, thus affecting the diffusion effect of stains. Based on the microstructure of yarn, we handle the effect of the stain on the imperfect textile surface. Our simulation results can achieve a photo-realistic effect.