Ovidius University Annals: Economic Sciences Series (Jan 2020)

Human Resource Dynamics in the Context of the Pandemic

  • Mihaela-Adina Mateescu,
  • Mihai-Sabin Muscalu,
  • Daniela Baleanu

Journal volume & issue
Vol. XX, no. 1
pp. 415 – 421


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The current pandemic has put pressure on the area of innovation so that telework can be as widespread as possible. Teleworking lead to more changes about human resources, such areas were in demographic decline may reverse their trend and congested areas that were expanding demographic and can also to reverse demographic trend. Also, teleworking leads to the restructuring of the qualification of human resources and to a polarization of them. Thus we are witnessing a whole chain of changes in the structure of the economic system due to the virtualization of activities. Some questions that are being asked at the moment: Can the development given by the urban agglomeration be replaced by the virtualization of activities? Can the phenomenon of polarization of human resources in large urban agglomerations be reversed? And if so, with what consequences? This paper attempts to outline the trend dynamics of human resources in the context of innovation imposed by the pandemic.