Этническая культура (Mar 2020)

Ahsikent – A Unique Site of Fergana Valley

  • Jasurbek Z. Akhmedov

Journal volume & issue
no. 1 (2)
pp. 6 – 8


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The article is devoted to the issues of Ahsikent’s archaeological sites museumification. The aim of the article is to consider Ahsikent, which is the only thoroughly explored historical city of Ferghana, where as a result of archeological studies pottery in which iron and copper from Shakhristan were melted, as well as metal furnaces from artisans’ trade shops were found. Methods of study. The archaeological study of the site, which is described as "Fergana Afrosiyob", began in 1885. The results of the research. Excavations have shown that in the trade shops of Ahsikent various objects made with simplest metal and used for building and housekeeping, as well as swords and kargases that are capable to cut stones and not break when bending. The author also outlines that items found on the territory of Ahsikent indicate a high level of development of various crafts: pottery, metallurgy of bronze, contexture, jewelry, etc. The article also describes the methods of chemical conservation of sites, in particular, specific steps to restore the historical site of the The article also describes methods of chemical preservation of sites, specific steps to restore the historical site are proposed, among them: restoration of the ancient medieval appearance of Ahsikent with drawings and reliefs that depict the landscapes of Ahsikent; demonstration of the political, social and economic state of Ahsikent (writing, medical articles, coins); publication of decorative and applied art created by artisans (ceramics, glassware, jewelry), items related to military art (weapons of soldiers, arrows, bows), architectural structures (fragments of architectural decoration, foundations, stone products, ceramic pipes, wall paintings). It is concluded that it would be advisable to organize a multi-sided, deep and thorough study of the site of Ahsikent by attracting appropriate different specialists, turn Ahsikent into an open-air museum and introduce this area to international tourist destinations.