E3S Web of Conferences (Jan 2022)

Coastal management status of Banda Aceh city and Aceh Besar and the future trends

  • Irham Muhammad,
  • Authar Muhammad,
  • Miswar Edy,
  • Deli Anwar

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 340
p. 04005


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The study aims to identify how to manage coastal zones, the scope, rationality of coastal development, challenges, frameworks, environmental impacts, and future trends in Banda Aceh City and Aceh Besar. This research is based on information from the scientific literature and secondary data. The results of the study inform that currently integrated coastal management in Banda Aceh City and Aceh Besar is not mainly used for coastal development strategies. Therefore, this coastal area requires integrated management to build reciprocal interactions between coastal communities, policies, the environment to achieve sustainable development. This coastal zone has a diversity of natural resources, minerals and tourism potential and much more to explore, therefore Banda Aceh City and Aceh Besar need to take roles and initiatives in marine governance. Judging from the results of the trend that the status of coastal management in Banda Aceh City and Aceh Besar has development opportunities that can reduce coastal poverty and contribute to local economic development.