Social and Emotional Training Strategies in the Quran and Hadith

Āfāq-i Dīn. 2016;6(23):7-34 DOI 10.22054/RJQK.2015.5402


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Journal Title: Āfāq-i Dīn

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Seyed Masoud Omrani
Hosein Afsar Deir
Marjan Sadat Omrani


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Adolescents are constantly interacting with people around themselves and also their emotions are turbulent and changing. Therefore, for having people who are committed to their responsibilities and others’ rights, besides social training strategies, emotional training strategies should be applied to benefit from more effective and deeper training. There exist two general methods of social and emotional training. The first set refers to such required recommendations to parents and teachers to educate adolescents as to honor and respect learners, understand learners, love learners, focus their attention to their appearances, behave logically and moderately with learners, teach them etiquettes, make them ready to form a family, set a model for the learner, encourage and punishment learners. The second general method deals with the training needed to train social and emotional behavior and skills to adolescents which includes positive theoretical such as having well behavior, being polite, controlling instincts, being forgiveness, being benevolence to others, speaking well, and recognizing negative behaviors such as having doubts and being suspicious, being arrogant, disdaining and belittling others. It also includes practical training like strengthening confidence and determination, struggling with bad behaviors, being thoughtful and aware, making friends and taking responsibility.