Tropical and Subtropical Agroecosystems (Aug 2021)


  • Gaspar Manuel Parra Bracamonte,
  • Nicolas Lopez-Villalobos,
  • José Fernando Vázquez-Armijo,
  • Juan Gabriel Magaña-Monforte,
  • Juan Carlos Martínez-González,
  • Victor Ricardo Moreno-Medina

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 24, no. 3


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Background. Eighty percent of beef produced in Mexico is consumed domestically. However, in recent years per capita domestic consumption has gradually decreased. Identifying consumer preferences and their perspectives on beef quality could provide information for the design of programs focused on the improvement of beef production chain and encourage meat consumption. Objective. In this study the definition of quality is provided and discussed and the published evidence on the main attributes considered by the Mexican consumer at the time of beef purchase are revised, providing a critical perspective on beef quality appreciation and to identify some implications and limitations. Methodology. Was performed a bibliographic search of available literature including the Mexican consumer perspective on beef quality attributes published in peer reviewed papers from international and national indexed journals. Main findings. Evidences on the main criterions that Mexican consumer considers as indicators for beef quality during de beef purchase are presented, and some implications and perspectives for the future adoption of more complex systems to guarantee beef quality and add value to the entire production chain are discussed. Implications. This study provide some directions on the establishment of proposals to adequately define the Mexican beef consumer preferences focused on quality and consistency of product, favorable for the whole beef industry. Conclusions: The price of beef was identified as the main criterion considered for Mexican consumer for purchasing of beef, and secondarily, his perspective include intrinsic attributes generically describing the beef quality. More studies are necessary for the identification of factors affecting the beef consistency and to adequately define the most important attributes that satisfy the Mexican consumer perspective on beef quality.