Logos Ciencia & Tecnología (2014-07-01)

Teacher training in multicultural educational institutions and vulnerable. Base to build inclusive and intercultural citizenship

  • Iván Manuel Sánchez Fontalvo,
  • Norma Vera Salazar,
  • Omar Huerta Díaz

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6, no. 1
pp. 61 – 72


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Education for an inclusive and intercultural citizenship has recreate in all educational institutions, since the nature of the sociocultural reality in their daily requests for urgent manner the formation of competent citizens to interact with diverse individuals and groups that make and build local, political and cultural communities. It is within reach mutual exchange of goods and cultural values, based on the active promotion of respect and interdependence, allowing the development of projects that benefit the common good, which together different people involved. It is necessary, point and carry out processes of teacher training in their own institutions which are dimensional development of critical judgment to problems hindering social welfare, allowing sensitize people towards assume e introspecten suspicion and evidence of marginalization and exclusion. In this altruistic line is required to learn or awaken the ability to identify the voices of people and groups involved in the processes of social injustice and sociocultural, economic and educational backwardness, be flexible and put us alongside them in their emancipation justified in the research standing reach their dignity and freedom.