Brain: Broad Research in Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience (Jan 2016)

Classification of Human Emotion from Deap EEG Signal Using Hybrid Improved Neural Networks with Cuckoo Search

  • M. Sreeshakthy,
  • J. Preethi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6, no. 3-4
pp. 60 – 73


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Department of Computer Science and Engineering,Anna University Regional Centre, Coimbatore, [email protected]. PreethiDepartment of Computer Science and EngineeringAnna University Regional Centre, Coimbatore, [email protected] are very important in human decision handling, interaction and cognitive process. In this paper describes that recognize the human emotions from DEAP EEG dataset with different kind of methods. Audio – video based stimuli is used to extract the emotions. EEG signal is divided into different bands using discrete wavelet transformation with db8 wavelet function for further process. Statistical and energy based features are extracted from the bands, based on the features emotions are classified with feed forward neural network with weight optimized algorithm like PSO. Before that the particular band has to be selected based on the training performance of neural networks and then the emotions are classified. In this experimental result describes that the gamma and alpha bands are provides the accurate classification result with average classification rate of 90.3% of using NNRBF, 90.325% of using PNN, 96.3% of using PSO trained NN, 98.1 of using Cuckoo trained NN. At last the emotions are classified into two different groups like valence and arousal. Based on that identifies the person normal and abnormal behavioral using classified emotion.