Restauro Archeologico (2019-10-01)

Geological overwiew of Gandharan sites and petrographical analysis on Gandharan stucco and clay artefacts

  • Carlo Rosa,
  • Thomas Theye,
  • Simona Pannuzi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 27, no. 1


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The Gandharan archaeological sites are mostly located in the Indus Suture Zone and in the lower Swat. In a recent past, scholars observed the use of local different type of schists to build buildings and sacred artworks. In this new research we highlighted the use of limestone for stucco artefacts and architectural decorations. This limestone is not a local rock in Swat but its main, ex- tended and closer outcrops are located in the mountains northwest of Islamabad. Indeed, through specific analyses carried out by our team, the compatibility of these outcrops with the rocks used for stucco artefacts and stucco decorations of buildings was observed. This stucco was made by a mixture of different kinds of local crushed rocks (i.e. schists and granites).