Contextos Educativos: Revista de Educación (2015-05-01)

An ongoing collaborative teacher training through action research. A way of changing classroom practices

  • Raúl A. Barba-Martín,
  • José J. Barba,
  • Suyapa Martínez Scott

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 19
pp. 161 – 175


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The ongoing education training for teachers can be done through different models that could only report or also accompany the process of implementing innovations. The training through reflection processes is presented as essential to make changes in the classroom; also, if it is done collectively with other teachers or between centers, transformations will not only occur in the classroom, but in the whole context. One way leading to a collaborative ongoing education is through action research groups, considering a set of ethical practices whose characteristics allow participants to be trained according to their needs, and through support with other teachers, in order to transform the context. The research we present here is framed in a Teaching Innovation Project, University of Valladolid, through which teachers from three schools that have been trained in inclusive education through action research implementing in their classrooms interactive groups. This collaborative process played by teachers themselves has changed the thinking of teachers, their classroom and their educational contexts in which they work.