Medicamentul Veterinar (Dec 2012)

The Analytical method (HPLC) used for identification, assay of triclabendazole, related substances and preservatives used in finished product Tricladem 5, in SC Delos Impex 96 SRL

  • Maria Neagu,
  • Cristina I. Marinescu,
  • Roxana M. Covaci,
  • Catalina S. Macovei

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6, no. 2
pp. 76 – 78


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Because, triclabendazole is an active pharmaceutical ingredient without compendial monography (European Pharmacopoeia, United Stated Pharmacopoeia) in SC Delos Impex ’96 SRL, the API identification, assay, related substances, and, preservatives, assay and identification is efectuated used the method presented below. It permit, all these determination in a relative short time (the chromatogram time recorded is 25 min.).