Infection and Drug Resistance (2018-01-01)

Liver fungal infections: an overview of the etiology and epidemiology in patients affected or not affected by oncohematologic malignancies

  • Fiore M,
  • Cascella M,
  • Bimonte S,
  • Maraolo AE,
  • Gentile I,
  • Schiavone V,
  • Pace MC

Journal volume & issue
Vol. Volume 11
pp. 177 – 186


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Marco Fiore,1,* Marco Cascella,2,* Sabrina Bimonte,2 Alberto Enrico Maraolo,3 Ivan Gentile,3 Vincenzo Schiavone,4 Maria Caterina Pace1 1Department of Anaesthesiological, Surgical and Emergency Sciences, University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, Naples, Italy; 2Department of Support for Clinical Activities and Critical Area, Division of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, Istituto Nazionale Tumori – IRCCS “Fondazione G. Pascale”, Via Mariano Semmola, Naples, Italy; 3Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery, Section of Infectious Diseases, University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy; 4Division of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Hospital “Pineta Grande”, Castel Volturno, Italy *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: Fungal infections of the liver, most commonly caused by Candida spp., often occur in patients with hematologic malignancies treated with chemotherapy. Colonization of the gastrointestinal tract is thought to be the main origin of dissemination of Candida; mucositis and neutropenia facilitate the spread of Candida from the gastrointestinal tract to the liver. Hepatic involvement due to other fungi is a less common infectious complication in this setting. Fungal infections represent a less common cause of hepatic abscesses in non-oncohematologic population and the trend appears to be decreasing in recent years. Understanding of the etiology and epidemiology of fungal infections of the liver is indicated for an appropriate antimicrobial therapy and an overall optimal management of fungal liver infections. Keywords: fungal liver infections, antifungal agents, hepatosplenic candidiasis, acute disseminated candidiasis, life-threatening infections