Data in Brief (Aug 2022)

Complete Dataset to be used as a workbench to evaluate the profitability of an offshore wind farm

  • Angel G. Gonzalez-Rodriguez,
  • Javier Serrano-Gonzalez,
  • Manuel Burgos-Payan,
  • Jesus Riquelme-Santos

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 43
p. 108396


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The presented data collection has been used in the paper Multi-objective optimization of a uniformly distributed offshore wind farm considering both economic factors and visual impact, but can be used for a realistic evaluation of the annual energy production of an offshore wind farm and/or the calculation of the project investment cost. It contains realistic wind data, a bathymetric map, the definition of the coast shoreline and forbidden zones, as well as the acquisition and installation cost for the most important components influencing the investment and operation costs.