Mathematical Problems in Engineering (2020-01-01)

Scale-Adaptive Context-Aware Correlation Filter with Output Constraints for Visual Target Tracking

  • Jingxiang Xu,
  • Xuedong Wu,
  • Zhiyu Zhu,
  • Kaiyun Yang,
  • Yanchao Chang,
  • Zhaoping Du,
  • Zhengang Wan,
  • Lili Gu

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2020


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Context-aware correlation filter tracker is one of the most advanced target trackers, and it has significant improvement in tracking accuracy and success rate compared with traditional trackers. However, because the complexity of background in the process of tracking can lead to inaccurate output response of target tracking, an accurate tracking model is difficult to be established. Moreover, the drift problem is easy to occur during the tracking process due to the imprecise tracking model, especially when the target has large area occlusion, fast motion, and deformation. Aiming at the drift problem in the target tracking process, a novel algorithm is proposed in this paper. The developed method derives the specific representation of constraint output by assuming that the output response is Gaussian distribution, and a variable update parameter is obtained based on the output constraint relationship at first, then the tracking filter is selectively updated with changeable update parameters and fixed update parameters, and finally, the target scale is updated with maximizing posterior probability distribution. The effectiveness of developed algorithm is verified by comparing with other trackers on OTB-50 and OTB-100 evaluation benchmark datasets, and the experimental results have shown that the suggested tracker has higher overall object tracking performance than other trackers.