Advances in Geosciences (Apr 2014)

Long term evolution of a dam reservoir subjected to regular flushing events

  • L. Guertault,
  • B. Camenen,
  • C. Peteuil,
  • A. Paquier

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 39
pp. 89 – 94


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An analysis of the long term morphological evolution of the Génissiat reservoir (France) is provided. First, a methodology for bathymetric data processing and reservoir sediment volume budget calculation is described. An estimation of global uncertainties in volume calculation is proposed. The reservoir bathymetric budget for several dam flushing events and interflush periods is presented, showing the global decrease of deposited sediment volume with time. The spatial dynamics of the reservoir subreaches is highlighted and typical patterns in flush and interflush periods are identified.