Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine (Jan 2017)

Distance Covered Below and Above the Anaerobic Threshold by Elite German Goalkeepers

  • Przemysław Parus,
  • Paweł Chmura,
  • Marek Konefał,
  • Marcin Andrzejewski,
  • Edward Kowalczuk,
  • Jan Chmura

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 17


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The study aimed to assess the total covered distance during a match, performance volume below and above the anaerobic threshold, as well as characterize physical activities of professional Bundesliga goalkeepers during soccer matches. 34 goalkeepers (606 observations) from all eighteen Bundesliga teams, who played in the 2014/2015 season were considered for the study. The performance of goalkeepers was analyzed with the use of the VIS.TRACK system. The variables measured included: total covered distance [km] in the whole match, the first half, and the second half; distance covered below and above the anaerobic threshold (4 m • s–1) [km]; and distance covered in six intensity ranges [km]. The total distance covered by the goalkeepers was 5.48 ±0.56 km. The distance covered by goalkeepers below the anaerobic threshold was 5.28 ±0.52 km, whereas the distance covered above the anaerobic threshold amounted to 0.21 ±0.09 km. The ratio between the goalkeepers’ volumes of aerobic and anaerobic performance was 25:1. The total distance covered by goalkeepers in match play and the distances covered by goalkeepers below and above the anaerobic threshold (96.17% and 3.83%, respectively) indicate that during a match the goalkeepers undertake predominantly aerobic exercises.