E3S Web of Conferences (Jan 2021)

Using grading to motivate staff in agricultural enterprises

  • Yekimov Sergey,
  • Otroshchenko Nataliia,
  • Voytsekhovska Yuliya,
  • Nakhod Svitlana,
  • Gavrilko Tetiana

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 254
p. 10006


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In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated difficulties in the functioning of agricultural enterprises, in our opinion, new approaches are required to improve the efficiency of agricultural enterprises. The economic efficiency of an agricultural enterprise depends to a large extent on the efficiency of its personnel. In our opinion, human resources are one of the most important resources in the agricultural business. In this paper, we considered the use of grading to motivate employees of an agricultural enterprise. In our opinion, this will assist in the formation of a clear and transparent system of payment for work activities for the company’s employees and, in addition, will optimize the size of the company’s employee compensation fund. The system of management of labor resources of the agricultural enterprise should take into account the personality of the employee, knowledge of his features of motivation , and also be combined with the goals and objectives that the enterprise has.