Geographica Helvetica (2020-10-01)

Geographizität des Rechts – ein missing link in der geographischen Theoriebildung?

  • M. Stock

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 75
pp. 349 – 361


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Law is on the one hand indispensable for the constitution of space, and, on the other, legal orders emerge or develop in specific local situations. Does the question of the law exist in geographical theories and how has it been received? The article raises the issue of a missing link in geographical theorisation: Are the legal dimensions of social spatialities sufficiently considered? This text aims at enriching geographical theory formation through legal dimensions, especially by translating legal studies’ contributions into geographical questions who experience a specific spatial turn. On the one hand, the concept “geographicity of Law” is being developed for this purpose. On the other hand, two examples will be used to illustrate how geographical theory can benefit from legal dimensions: the right to public space and the issue of urbanness.