Tropicultura (Jan 2016)

Influence du système de production et du temps de pâture sur la production de lait des vaches Borgou au Bénin

  • Kassa, SK.,
  • Salifou, CFA.,
  • Dayo, GK.,
  • Ahounou, S.,
  • Ogoudanan, ID.,
  • Issifou, TM.,
  • Kountinhouin, B.,
  • Mensah, AG.,
  • Yapi-Gnaoré, V.,
  • Youssao, AKI.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 34, no. 4
pp. 385 – 395


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Influence of Farming System and Grazing Time on Milk Production of Borgou Cows in Benin. In order to better assess the impact of two environmental factors on milk production for corrective action, the effects of the rearing farm and grazing time on milk production of Borgou cows in Benin were studied. To this end, the experiment was conducted on a total of 167 Borgou cows including 27 cows; 56 cows and 84 cows respectively reared in Samiondji, Bétécoucou and Okpara Breeding farms. These three farms apply semi-improved breeding system. As part of the evaluation of grazing time, two lots of Borgou cows were formed in Okpara breeding farm. Cows of lot 1 (64 cows) grazed daily during six hours (10 am to 16 pm) and those of lot 2 (20 cows) during nine hours (9 am to 18 pm). Lactating cows were each beforehand identified by their numbers, the farm they belong to or their breeding lot. Milk collection was made once a week per cow. As a result, the average daily production (0.9±0.2 l) of Samiondji Borgou cows was higher than those obtained respectively by Okpara cows (0.8±0.1 l) and Betecoucou cows (0.7±0.1 l), although the differences were not significant. However, significant differences (p<0.05) were observed between total milk production on 11 months of lactation for Samiondji cows (273±47 l) followed by those of Okpara (246.4±24.8 l) and Betecoucou (230.4±33.1 l). The Borgou cows that grazed 9 hours a day produced significantly more milk (1±0.2 l) (p<0.05) than those grazing for six hours a day (0.8±0.1 l). The same trend was recorded for the cumulative production of 11 months of lactation. Overall, considering the differences between rearing farms, Samiondji farm is more profitable followed by Okpara and Betecoucou farms. Similarly, the rearing of Borgou cows that have benefited from the long grazing time is more profitable. Mastering the management practices of the farm and grazing time provide a basis for improving the performance of Borgou cows and therefore the economic return of the farms.