ConScientiae Saúde (2014-01-01)

Efeitos da hospitalização na capacidade funcional e na qualidade de vida de pacientes cardiometabólicos

  • Silvia de Quadro Dorneles,
  • Luis Ulisses Signori,
  • Leandro Quadro Corrêa,
  • Daniel Fossati Silveira,
  • Luis Fernando Guerreiro,
  • André de Oliveira Teixeira

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 13, no. 1
pp. 101 – 109


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Introduction: Hospitalization may cause changes in physical and functional capabilities of patients. Objectives: To identify the effects of hospitalization on functional capacity and quality of life of cardiometabolic patients. Methods: Ten patients were evaluated in two periods (Collection 1: hospitalization and Collection 2: discharge), and the variables were grip strength, reaction speed, static balance test, aerobic fitness, physical activity index, index of daily living activities and quality of life evaluation. Results: The hospitalization caused decline in variables, handgrip strength and reaction speed, however the activities of daily living and quality of life showed improvement. Conclusions: The findings identify the limitations of clinics in regard to comprehensive care, thus confirming the need for an expanded approach to health care in hospital practices.