Evropejskij Issledovatelʹ (Dec 2012)

Extraction and Study of Bacteriophages, Used against Agents of Potato Soft Rot

  • Magda D. Davitashvili,
  • Lela Z. Tsiklauri

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 36, no. 12-1
pp. 2075 – 2078


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The use of specific bacteriophages and their complex mixtures against bacterial diseases is very effective. As for causative agent of potato soft rot Erwinia carotovora, specific phages (25 phages in total) were extracted from diseased potato, soil and sewage. The study of their biological properties showed the diversity of phages in terms of lytic action, virion plaque and morphology, as well as in relation to different environmental factors. Phages showed explicit antibacterial activity in vitro in liquid and solid media, as well as during model tests of potato tubers artificial inoculation.