Journal of Liberty and International Affairs. 2019;5(2):43-54


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Journal Title: Journal of Liberty and International Affairs

ISSN: 1857-9760 (Online)

Publisher: Institute for Research and European Studies

LCC Subject Category: Political science: Political theory

Country of publisher: North Macedonia

Language of fulltext: English

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Marija Andreeva


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The influence of social networks is growing intensely. They do not only influence only certain aspects of our lives, but they also influence political participation and political culture. In recent years, this influence has been very notable. We have seen a change of policies as a result of pressure, a lot of significant political movements started via social networks. This paper concentrates on the influence of social networks on political participation and political culture. The paper tries to foresee the future implications and the intertwining of social networks and political culture and political participation. It also gives conclusions for the past, present and future implications and it gives a comparison between political participation before and after the rise of social networks. It also analyses the positive and negative implications that social networks could have on political participation.