Política & Sociedade (2017-12-01)

Doctrinators, politicians and “administrative law” in Brazil

  • Juliane Sant’Ana Bento,
  • Fabiano Engelmann,
  • Luciana Rodrigues Penna

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 16, no. 37
pp. 286 – 314


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The production of juridical doctrines is one of the central elements in the construction of the State performative’s discourse. The emergence of an intellectual production space on “administrative law” is closely linked to the conjunctural political battles. This space also correspond to different demands of legal legitimacy of the political regimes. In this sense, this paper aims to provide elements that allow mapping the institutional places of producers of doctrine. The goal is also colaborate for the understand how the discourses function as a euphemised political struggle. We try to demonstrate how the social and the professional issues interfere in the accumulation of legal capital and define the legitimacy of the actors.