Journal of Marine Science and Engineering (May 2022)

Ship Path Planning Based on Buoy Offset Historical Trajectory Data

  • Shibo Zhou,
  • Zhizheng Wu,
  • Lüzhen Ren

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 5
p. 674


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In the existing research on the intelligent navigation of ships, navigation route planning often regards light buoys as fixed obstructions. However, due to factors such as water ripples, the position of the buoys keeps periodically changing. If the buoys are set to a fixed range of avoidance areas in the process of ship navigation, it is easy to allow a collision between the ship and the light buoys. Therefore, based on historical motion trajectory data of the buoys, a SARIMA-based time-series prediction model is proposed to estimate the offset position of a given buoy in a specified time. Furthermore, the collision-free path planning approach is presented to dynamically recommend an accurate sailing path. The results of the simulation experiment show that this method can effectively deal with collisions of ships caused by the offset position of the light buoys during the navigation of the large and low-speed autonomous ships.