Śmierć Boga, śmiech człowieka

Analiza i Egzystencja. 2015;31 DOI 10.18276/aie.2015.31-06


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Journal Title: Analiza i Egzystencja

ISSN: 1734-9923 (Print)

Publisher: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego

Society/Institution: University of Szczecin

LCC Subject Category: Philosophy. Psychology. Religion: Speculative philosophy | Philosophy. Psychology. Religion: Philosophy (General)

Country of publisher: Poland

Language of fulltext: Polish, German, English

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Marcin Smerda (Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny w Krakowie)


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Author of the article starts with a question about the meaning of the activity that is writing. He looks for answers in ‘The Order of Things: An Archaeology of the Human Sciences’ by Michel Foucault, which – according to the author – emerged from the experience of the laughter, triggered by the book of Jorge Louis Borges, in which he included an excerpt from the Chinese encyclopedia describing the classification of animals. The author is analyzing this phenomenon in detail, inter alia in the context of what about the laughter thought Georges Bataille, who greatly inspired Foucault. However, the author does not end his deliberation with an answer to the question: ‘Why Foucault wrote ‘The Order of Things’’, where the philosopher announced ‘the death of man’ for the first time. He is trying to go deeper and answer the question: ‘why the man had to die?’