Internet and international trade by manufacturers: An approach using industrial sectors data

Innovar: Revista de Ciencias Administrativas y Sociales. 2010;20(38):191-202


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Journal Title: Innovar: Revista de Ciencias Administrativas y Sociales

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Publisher: Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Society/Institution: Universidad Nacional de Colombia

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Country of publisher: Colombia

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Enrique Bernal-Jurado (Universidad de Jaén)

Encarnación Moral-Pajares (Universidad de Jaén)


Double blind peer review

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Some evidences show how the potential generated by using the Internet as a tool able to open new commercial markets is not being fulfilled. The study´s purpose is to analyze the possible intensity with which the industrial sectors incorporate and take advantage of the Internet and the volume of business generated in international markets, based on statistical information referring to Spanish industry. Starting from the available statistical information on the incorporation and commercial use of ICT, the foreign trade and production of various Spanish industries are assigned different variables and the lineal relationships among them are contrasted. Those industries with the largest importing and exporting activities are, at the same time, those that get more and more business via electronic commerce, particularly through different communication channels, such as EDI, Minitel or Internet. However, it is interesting to note the absence of this kind of relationship when we look at the e-commerce carried out exclusively through the Internet. The results justify the necessity of taking more intensive actions to improve the use of the new electronic systems in the international commercialization, especially in the environment of the small and medium sized companies.