Brazilian Journal of Empirical Legal Studies (Jul 2015)

Notes on the courts of domestic and family violence against women

  • Cristiane Brandão,
  • Clara Lima,
  • Danielle Tavares,
  • Juliana Azevedo,
  • Renan Saueia,
  • Renato Trindade,
  • Luiza Carvalho

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2, no. 2


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In the context of gender-based violence, the culturally appropriate biological differences reinforce a state of unequal access to rights and submission to a histori- cal model of recurring defilements, which needs a lo- cus of resistance and combat, also claimed by the ju- dicial branch. Thus, through the trailblazing creation of law number 11.340/06, the Courts for Domestic and Family Violence against Women (JVDFM) were cre- ated, as a space originally designed for an attentive and different look at the various forms of physical, moral, psychological, sexual and patrimonial aggres- sion. The question that now arises is if the practice of such courts is consistent with the internationally stated objectives and with the commitments made by Brazil in implementing conditions to ensure the ef- fectiveness of public policies on Human Rights. Spe- cifically, if the free, quality legal assistance provided by the Public Defender Service, has been consciously entering this larger project of access to justice, liber- ating information, humanized guidance and techni- cal empowerment capable of breaking the cycle of violence. This text, then, is a mapping of institutional practices in order to contribute to the improvement of obtaining full citizenship and restructuring of our public sphere.