Biuletyn Wojskowej Akademii Technicznej (Dec 2020)

Preliminary study on the issues of 4WS car control

  • Jakub Faryński,
  • Andrzej Dębowski,
  • Dariusz Żardecki

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 69, no. 4
pp. 95 – 113


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The article is an overview and it focuses on the control of 4WS cars (with four steered wheels). The most important ideas concerning the control of four-wheeled vehicles, the historical development, the present state and prospects for the construction of 4WS cars were presented. Theoretical issues related to the control of vehicle movement direction (including issues related to mathematical modelling and simulation studies of vehicle motion, synthesis and analysis of 4WS control algorithms) were discussed. The presented study is based on a fairly extensive literature review on 4WS cars and on thoughts that shaped the concept of the doctoral dissertation on control algorithms in 4WS cars.