Aufklärung (Oct 2014)

The Loneliness of the self and the Moral immanent in Albert Camus

  • Wellington José Santana

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 2
pp. 11 – 34


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The world, the way we grasp, is not understandable and we do not know how the world will come to an end or what comes after. The present article analyses critically a moral based upon immanence only when man find out that the self is alone and the other is an outsider according to French Philosopher Albert Camus. God keeps far and speechless and human being and in this scenario appears the absurd that challenges all types of hope. In this regard freedom reveals itself as a blessing and curse because can lead us to nothing or to the hope of finding something more. Analysing the text of Albert Camus, one will find out that maybe there is something that is not only immanent.