Вестник Кемеровского государственного университета (Sep 2015)


  • B. A. Gunzunova

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 3-1
pp. 93 – 96


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The article focuses on the question of studying emotional well-being of a professional group of educators. It asserted the importance of the issue of self-relations and personal factors. It was found that self-regulation is due psihozaschitnym behavior and emotional characteristics. The main purpose of the work was to study the self-regulation of emotional states teachersUlan-Udein their relationship with personal factors (occupational stress, psychological defense mechanisms). The results showed the presence of correlation between the performance of occupational stress scales and self-regulation. The study showed that psihozaschitnoe behavior is in conjunction with the various parties of self. Correlation analysis showed that the conscious self-regulation of teachers has been influenced by personal characteristics, such as psychological defense mechanisms in the professional activity of teachers. The conclusion is made that there is specificity in the use of intrapersonal defenses, depending on the degree of conscious self-regulation and regulatory structure of the individual profile. Therefore, knowledge of the laws of self-states in educational activities, the ability to manage their own conditions, as well as mastering the techniques and methods of regulation are important components of the process of self-improvement of the teacher and psychological education of teachers.