On the Reliability of Constantine Porphyrogenitus’ Account of the “Flight” of Prince Časlav from Bulgaria

Studia Ceranea. 2017;7:129-138 DOI 10.18778/2084-140X.07.08


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Mirosław J. Leszka (Uniwersytet Łódzki, Wydział Filozoficzno-Historyczny, Instytut Historii, Katedra Historii Bizancjum, ul. Kamińskiego 27a, 90–219 Łódź, Polska/Poland)


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The present text aims to reflect on the reliability of Constantine Porphyrogenitus’ account about the departure of Časlav, a Serbian prince, from Bulgaria at the beginning of the reign of Peter I, the successor of Symeon. The passage devoted to this event is located in the De administrando imperio (32, p. 159, 161) by the learned emperor. Constantine Porphyrogenitus’ relation about the “flight” of Časlav to Serbia should be treated as manipulated and approached with considerable caution.