Profesìonalìzm Pedagoga: Teoretičnì j Metodičnì Aspekti (Nov 2017)


  • Alla Kozyr

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 7
pp. 5 – 12


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The article discloses the main trends of modern development of art education. The current process of modernization has made the education a center of realizing the reality and of democratic society where a teacher plays an important role in developing a new educational system. The scientists prove that a teacher is considered to be a prospective professional as well as a competent specialist, directed to constant self-determination. The aim of the article is to define the main tendencies of modern development of art education. From the standpoint of the acmeological approach the scientifically grounded strategy and tactics of the pedagogical education further development as a holistic system of highly qualified specialists’ training are revealed. The main trends in the art education development at the present stage are: humanization; humanitarization; national orientation; sociocultural conformity; openness; shifting the emphasis from educational activity to educational-cognitive and artistic one; shifting from reproducing to understanding and comprehension; creating conditions for self-realization; pedagogical interaction, cooperation; the orientation of the educational process to the identification of creative possibilities; acmeological direction of a personality’s development. An analysis of the musical art teacher’s activity, from the standpoint of the acmeological approach, helps single out the conditions for maximum expression of personal potential, creative self-realization and the highest development of his/her skills in the professional activities. The author proves that system-forming link in the process of a specialist’s training is acmeological orientation that provides a prospective musical art teacher’s effective forming of professional skills. The author emphasizes that this process contains the following concepts: the relationship of personal-psychological and professional-pedagogical qualities, of general and professional skills. They are thought to support forming prospective musical art teacher’s readiness to productive work with students.