Modele polityki turystycznej jako stymulator rozwoju sektora turystycznego

Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług. 2018;133


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Journal Title: Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług

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Paweł Staszak (Uniwersytet Szczeciński Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych i Zarządzania)


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In the last years of the 20thand first of 21st century, many reports and other elaborations were published indicating that tourism is not only one of the largest areas of the global economy, but also a special determinant of modernity and a measure of living standards. Its proper development requires the coordination of many activities carried out in various sectors of the economy, which is possible only when the development takes place in a planned way. Countries and reception areas in which tourism has been allowed to develop in a spontaneous way experience many problems: social, economic, ecological, cultural etc. Therefore, currently the vast majority of countries conduct their own tourism policy, although its objectives, scope, forms and instruments of implementation can differ significantly. The aim of the study is to analyze selected models of tourism planning and tourism policy taking into account the recently observed phenomenon of globalizationand decentralization. The research method includes the analysis of the literatures subject and the own conclusions formulated on its basis.