Akofena (Jun 2024)

Volunteer Work through social Media Platforms and its Role in attracting Youth to Leadership Cultivation work: a Case study of the Ness El-Khir Association in Ghardaïa city Algeria

  • Dalila MEHIRI & Brahim HADJ AMAR

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 02, no. 12


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Abstract: This study emphasizes the significance of community engagement and volunteerism in delivering social care, driven by either religious or humanitarian motivations, to provide assistance to those in need. With the rapid advancement of technology, particularly social media platforms, charitable organizations have embraced these tools to further their objectives. This has contributed to attracting young people to volunteer work. Today's youth are more capable of taking on responsibility, and it is therefore necessary to encourage them to volunteer in order to integrate them into the values of social solidarity and participation in bearing social, political, and leadership responsibilities in the state. Therefore, our study focuses on the youth segment and voluntary work awareness: A case study of the "Ness El-khir" Association, which operates through social media platforms. It is led by young people from the region who attract others to volunteer work. Keywords: Volunteering; social media; youth; Ghardaïa; Ness El-khir, Association,