Развитие образования (Jun 2022)

Features of the Application of Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy Methods in the Work of a Psychologist With Adolescents

  • Svetlana G. Krasnova

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 5, no. 2
pp. 31 – 37


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The article is devoted to the using of cognitive behavioral psychotherapy methods in the work of a psychologist with adolescents. Based on the analysis of literary sources devoted to the development of mental activity, emotional sphere, behavioral characteristics of adolescents, the use of methods of cognitive behavioral psychotherapy is reasoned and justified. The purpose of the study is to determine the psychological and pedagogical conditions for using the method of cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, psychoconditioning and psychocorrective work with adolescents. The following research methods were used in this work: analysis of scientific psychological and pedagogical literature, study of the resources of educational Internet portals, materials of scientific and practical conferences and forums. As a result of the study, the following features of psychosocial development of children in adolescence, their connection with mental activity, emotions and behavior were identified, effective diagnostic methods and techniques, techniques for tracking automatic thoughts and images, techniques for changing dysfunctional beliefs (role-playing, cognitive conceptualization, etc.) were clarified. The methods of work proposed in the article can be used in the organization of preventive, counseling and correctional work with adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders, with low educational motivation, problems in the personal, emotional sphere and socialization. From what has been said, the conclusion suggests that an important condition for psychotherapy and correction of adolescents is the work on changing dis-functional beliefs, automatic thoughts, negative emotional states, destructive behavior in adolescents. In our opinion, it is the methods of cognitive behavioral psychotherapy that contribute to the resolution of age-related problems of adolescents: they will help to cope with stress, anxiety, increase self-esteem, improve relationships with peers and adults.