Przegląd Zachodniopomorski (Jan 2020)

Miejsce szczecińskiego Pedagogium Książęcego / Królewskiego Gimnazjum Karolińskiego w szwedzkim systemie kształcenia medycznego w latach 1646-1713

  • Joanna Nieznanowska



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The purpose of the present study is to describe the medical education provided in the 17th century Szczecin in the context of the Swedish academic network of the time, comprising five universities with the medical faculties (Uppsala, Dorpat/Tartu, Åbo/Turku, Greifswald, Lund). Subject to comparative analysis were: the number and continuity of the personnel of the chairs of medicine, the availability and quality of the infrastructure used in didactics and the scientific research carried out by the professors of medicine, the number and topics of the medical discussions and dissertations presented with the participation of students, and the scientific activity of the professors of medicine from various centres. One of the analyzed centres with which the Gymnasium chair of medicine couldn’t be on a par in neither of the analyzed aspects was the faculty of medicine in Uppsala. The most significant difference between Szczecin and Greifswald was the Greifswald faculty’s of medicine right to grant the Ph.D. degree. However, Szczecin could not only equal with the new centres, established in the discussed period (Dorpat, Åbo, Lund), but often surpassed them thanks to the commitment and activity of the professors working there.