E3S Web of Conferences (Jan 2018)

Front of the Werenskiold Glacier (Svalbard) – changes in years 1957–2013

  • Ciężkowski Wojciech,
  • Głowacki Tadeusz,
  • Grudzińska Katarzyna K.,
  • Kasza Damian,
  • Zagożdżon Paweł P.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 29
p. 00030


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Werenskiold Glacier in the Isle of Spitsbergen is one of the polygons on which evaluation of the rate of glacier recession is performed. Location of the glacier front is precisely presented in the specialist literature since the mid. 30. of 20th century. Article presents results of studies about changes in the position of Werenskiold Glacier based on selected archival data and own research conducted in 2012-2013. The initial location of the glacier front was described by the topographical map in the scale 1:5000 elaborated in the year 1961 on the basis of data from the years 1957-1959 by the Polish Army Topographic Service. Moreover, as comparative data on location of glacier front in the later years there were applied results of photogrammetrical images from the year 1973 and a orthophotomap from 1990. These data together with the author's GPS measurements were transformed into the uniform coordinate system. Thus, prepared data made it possible to evaluate the rate of recession of Werenskiold Glacier front in the three epochs from the years 1957-2013. It was found that during the 56 years the glacier front was moved by ca. 1200 m, which gives the mean recession value of 25 m/year as well as the mean yearly loss of the glacier surface of the order of 5 ha.