Iraqi Journal for Computers and Informatics (Dec 2014)

A Framework Prototype for E-Authentication of Iraqi Civil-Identity Certificate

  • Imad Mohamad,
  • Aws Abdulsahib

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 41, no. 1
pp. 20 – 25


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The increasing needs for Iraqi citizens in getting the advantages of e-government services, administration and democracy motivates us to study and look for how to expand the e-government project of Iraq with new e-services. The proposed framework considers a realistic problem in Iraq called the identity of the Civil Status. It verifies the (identity) validity of issued electronically instead of paperwork which takes significant time and effort to complete the transaction. An electronic interface is designed for the sake of the proposed framework using client-server approach assisted by PHP and MySQL software, intended to reduce the time and effort to improve job performance and provide interactive e-services to citizens. The developed e-service can be classified as Government to Citizen (G2C) type of e-Government.