Ekonomiczne Problemy Turystyki (Dec 2018)

Functioning of sport and recreation facilities of the city of Poznan in the opinion of service providers


Journal volume & issue
Vol. 44


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Management of a sport and recreational facility aims at effective use of potential of a given infrastructure. Today, a sport and recreation facility must be not only technically modern, but also adapted to the changing needs of the customers. The disparity between goals set by service providers stems from the fact that efforts are made, on the one hand, to achieve satisfaction from financial results, and on the other, to implement the social objective of a sport and recreation facility that may contravene rational efficiency and economic performance. The aim of this article was the evaluation of sport and recreation facilities by people managing them within Poznań in the aspect of the economic factor, competitiveness, and policy pursued in the sport and recreation sector by the authorities of the Poznań City Hall. In order to achieve this aim, inter¬view surveys were conducted among 38 people managing selected sport and recreation facilities. The performed statistical analysis shows that that all factors studied are important in the proper functioning of sport and recreation facilities. The determination of service prices is mostly affected by the costs of running a sport and recreation facility and prices offered by competition. A point of concern is that only 40% of the respondents positively evaluated the policy conducted by the City Council in the sports and recreation sector.