Applied Sciences (Sep 2022)

Adaptive Control Strategy of a 2-Axes Gimbal Structure Loading Device for a Stair-Climbing Delivery Robot

  • Yeri Sim,
  • Sangrok Jin

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 18
p. 9214


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This paper studies an adaptive control strategy for a 2-axes gimbal structure loading device for a stair-climbing delivery robot. The properties of the loading device change depending on the luggage, and the loaded luggage cannot be specified. It is difficult to design an appropriate controller with fixed PID gains. To optimize the controller regardless of luggage condition, the adaptive control strategy is conducted by system identification and gain scheduling. The system identification estimates the parameters of the dynamic equations. The gain scheduler optimizes the PID controller using the estimated parameters. The system identification technique is based on the least-squares method. The accuracy of system identification is improved by a null-space solution. The gain scheduler consists of surface functions defined by interpolation of the optimized PID gains. The system identification techniques are verified by simulation, comparing a specific system assumed as a real system and the estimated system. The experiments using the motion platform verify the adaptive control strategy. This proposed control strategy adapts the controller to the system of the loading device.