Analele Universităţii "Dunărea de Jos" Galaţi: Fascicula III, Electrotehnică, Electronică, Automatică, Informatică (Dec 2002)

Real Time Wind Turbine Simulator Based On Frequency Controlled AC Servomotor

  • Emil CEANGÃ,
  • Mihai CIOBOTARU,
  • Nicolaos Antonio CUTULULIS,
  • Mina Emil ROSU

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2002, no. 1
pp. 97 – 101


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This paper is a contribution to the development of a real time wind turbine simulator. The simulator is designed to generate wind power on its shaft, and provide the static and dynamic characteristics of a given turbine. The general structure of the simulator is composed of two subsystems: a “soft simulator” which realizes the real time simulation of the wind turbine, on the basis of the mathematical model, an electromechanical tracking system which receives the reference signal from the softsimulator, and provides a measurable output variable transmitted as response variable to the soft-simulator. The work concerns a wind turbine simulator using a tracking system realized on the basis on a frequency controlled AC servo-motor. This servo-motor is mechanically coupled with a pendulum machine, which realises the shaft torque of the electrical generator. The experimental system is built around the DS1103 PPC Controlled Board (dSPACE), which offers a rapid control prototyping, by Matlab-Simulink software tools. Experimental results from the real time WTS are presented.