Vulnerability: The central question of the Risk equation

Geografia Ensino & Pesquisa. 2018;0(0):e19-e19 DOI 10.5902/2236499429448


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Journal Title: Geografia Ensino & Pesquisa

ISSN: 0103-1538 (Print); 2236-4994 (Online)

Publisher: Universidade Federal de Santa Maria

LCC Subject Category: Geography. Anthropology. Recreation: Geography (General)

Country of publisher: Brazil



Edson Luis de Almeida Oliveira (Instituto Federal Sul-rio-grandense, CamaquĆ£, RS)



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This article seeks to highlight the importance of Vulnerability in reducing damage caused by Natural Disasters. The concept of Vulnerability has been approached by researchers who dedicate themselves to this theme mainly in the twentieth century. In this way, it is intended to address the conceptual development on disasters, hazard and vulnerability, especially from the second half of the last century. Thus, this work intends to contribute to a better conceptual understanding of one of the elements that make up the risk equation, fundamentally on the social construction of vulnerability. It is believed that this reduction is current cumin to fundamentally reduce the loss of life front to trigger natural processes of risk.