Croatian Journal of Fisheries (Oct 2008)


  • Ante Mišura,
  • Irena Jahutka,
  • Neda Skakelja,
  • Josip Suić,
  • Vlasta Franičević

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 66, no. 4
pp. 157 – 175


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This work deals with all the relevant statistic data regarding fisheries of Republic of Croatia, including freshwater fisheries data (aquaculture of fish and other aquatic organisms, commercial and sports fisheries), marine fisheries data (mariculture, commercial fisheries, small–scale fisheries and processing of fish and other marine organisms), as well as data about import and export of fish and fish products and the data about financial subventions in fisheries. The total freshwater fish production in 2007 was 5,797 tons (4,151 tons of warm–water species and 1,646 tons of cold–water species). Total areas and production areas in 2007 was 5,558.66. Total catch of freshwater fish in 2007 was 697 tons. The total marine fish species production in 2007 was 4,000 tons, production of tuna 4,180 tons, mussels 3,000 tons and oysters 1,000,000 pieces. The catch of marine fish was increased by 6.09% comparing to 2006 (increase was noticed for white and blue fish species). During 2007 there were no significant changes regarding the number of commercial fishermen comparing to the last two years, while the number of small–scale fishermen increased 0.4 % comparing to the last year. The total production of fish products in 2007 was 15,349 tons, which is 11.6 % less comparing to 2006.