Transformación (Jan 2014)

Mountain names in the geographical dictionary of Camagüey Province, environmental studies, and environmental education

  • Alfonso, L. F. ,
  • Díaz, A.,
  • Martínez, N. H.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 1
pp. 67 – 80


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The research contributes to the project intended to provide the province of Camagüey with a geographical dictionary, a reference book for economic entities and academic institutions. The article is aimed at standardizing the use of geographical names in education and scientific research in Camagüey. Several methods of geographical research were used, cartographic methods, observing geographic objects in place and field research included. The findings were assessed by means of consulting experts on the topic and computer data processing. The methodology employed follows the guidelines of the national group of advisors for geographical names and the group of advisor of Camagüey province. The most widely used geographical names in the regions were listed in the dictionary.