Current Oncology (Nov 2021)

Building a National Reassessment Process for Oncology Drugs: Lessons Learned by the Canadian Real-World Evidence for Value of Cancer Drugs (CanREValue) Collaboration through a Simulated Reassessment Exercise

  • Wei Fang Dai,
  • Erica Craig,
  • Brent Fraser,
  • Alex Chambers,
  • Helen Mai,
  • M. Bryson Brown,
  • Craig C. Earle,
  • William K. Evans,
  • Marc Geirnaert,
  • Marianne Taylor,
  • Maureen Trudeau,
  • Daniel Sperber,
  • Jaclyn M. Beca,
  • Avram Denburg,
  • Rebecca E. Mercer,
  • Ambica Parmar,
  • Mina Tadrous,
  • Pam Takhar,
  • Kelvin K. W. Chan,
  • on behalf of the CanREValue Collaboration

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 28, no. 392
pp. 4645 – 4654


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The CanREValue Collaboration established the Reassessment & Uptake Working Group to develop a preliminary process to reassess funded cancer drugs in Canada. A simulated exercise was conducted to evaluate the proposed reassessment process using a real-world case. We invited 32 attendees including representatives from Health Canada and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) agencies, along with payers, clinicians, academics, and patient representatives. A case was developed using a real-world study on a publicly funded cancer drug. In facilitated group sessions, participants were asked to deliberate upon the evidence presented in the case to issue reassessment recommendations. Several themes were identified through the deliberation discussions. While the generalizability of real-world evidence (RWE) is perceived as a strength, trust in the RWE depends largely on the source of the real-world data. The attendees suggested several improvements to the proposed reassessment process including evidence requirement for reassessment, recommendation categories, and a priori study protocols. This exercise generated important insights on the evidence required for conducting reassessment and considerations for improvements of the proposed reassessment process. Building upon lessons from this exercise, future work would continue to refine the reassessment process as part of the overall CanREValue framework.