Jerusalem as a Uniting Factor for Muslims and Christians: Historical and Scriptural Grounds

IAFOR Journal of Arts & Humanities. 2014;2(1):63-78 DOI 10.22492/ijah.2.1.04


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Journal Title: IAFOR Journal of Arts & Humanities

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Publisher:  The International Academic Forum

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Kamal-deen Olawale Sulaiman (Ekiti-State University, Nigeria)


Double blind peer review

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Jerusalem is perhaps the only city in the world that is considered historically and spiritually significant to Jewish, Christian, and Muslim people alike. This paper therefore seeks to examine the reasons why Jerusalem should serve as a uniting factor for Muslims and Christians. For this purpose, it traces the historical and spiritual connections of Muslims and Christians to Jerusalem. Furthermore, scriptural teachings on Love, Unity and Tolerance among Religious Faiths were examined. This research work is purely from written sources, which comprise of books, journals, and websites, as well as the Glorious Qur’an and the Holy Bible. The paper reveals that both Muslims and Christians have solid historical and spiritual connections to Jerusalem. It was evident that both the Qur’an and the Bible preach Love, Unity and Tolerance among Religious Faiths, which is applicable to the people of Jerusalem. The paper recommends that, if both Muslims and Christians, as a matter of fact, adhere strictly to the scriptural teaching on Love, Unity and Tolerance among Religious Faiths there will be peace in the region. It also concludes that Jerusalem embraces the holiest places in Islam and Christianity and is a symbol of brotherhood, solidarity and national unity between Muslims and Christians.