ZooKeys (Sep 2021)

First record of the lac-producing species Kerria nepalensis Varshney (Hemiptera, Kerriidae) from China, with a key to Chinese species

  • Nawaz Haider Bashir,
  • Weiwei Wang,
  • Juan Liu,
  • Wei Wang,
  • Hang Chen

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1061
pp. 1 – 9


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Lac insects include astonishing species responsible for lac production. Lac is composed of resins, dyes, and shellac wax with significant economic importance. Previously, 11 species of the genus Kerria were reported from China, with the highest species diversity in Yunnan province. Another lac-producing species of the genus Kerria, namely Kerria nepalensis Varshney, is recorded for the first time in Yunnan province, China, on Dalbergia cochinchinensis Pierre ex Laness. (Fabaceae), a new host plant. In addition, a key to the 12 Kerria species recorded in China is also given.